[spring awakening]


Sprouting in the grass, yellow and white.

The new life and growth of a season.


The daisies that grow creating beautiful art.

Flower crowns, for each king and queen.

Royalty blooming, from a single seed.


{This poem is to represent the royalty each and every one of us carries. To show the beautiful life the grows in the wilderness. Many may walk by and do nothing, maybe even step over you. But there is always going to be the one person who looks down on you and picks you from the bunch, they will uplift you into the best world yet.}

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[that old flower]


It’s like I’m that old flower, that plant you no longer water. A new petal breaking each and every day. I welt till that last drop, meaning I’m almost done.

Then as I hold on, I see you falling into the unknown unsure where to go

As you break, as you shatter, I grow into a wildflower so full of life. Free to express myself. No longer counting on anyone else.

I find myself my own way of living. I find myself my own source of life. I grow into something I never thought possible. You never thought possible.

-Ella Gray




I wrote this poem for those who feel like they have been put up on the shelf and forgotten. I wrote it to remind each and every one of you that there is always hope. Whoever you relied on earlier. Whoever you felt held all your purpose. They don’t control you. They don’t define who you are, or the person you should be. You make your own life. You make your own path. So embrace it!


[The art room]


The colors.
The lights.
The personalities.

Colours of the rainbow,
Not only found in the paint.

Found in the journeys
The life experiences
Expressed in a single piece of artwork

Walls covered by the seasons
The seasons of life
The seasons of the year

Nothing that’s been seen before

A place of freedom.

A place to express yourself
In a way, you know best

Through the strokes
Emotion is seen
Guilt I

But as the bright colors are made
Into a piece of unique artwork
Those feelings become accepted
As they have made you
And your painting
Come to life

-Ella Gray

The art room, cover page
With just a little collaging and some paint, creating a cover photo to a piece of poetry is almost more satisfying.


After a few days of perfecting and coming up with a plan outline, this poem has come to exactly what I dreamed of from the day I was sitting in art bored out of my mind.